Enterprise Management Solution

Transformasi digital adalah proses penggunaan teknologi digital di semua bidang yang menghasilkan perubahan mendasar pada cara bisnis beroperasi dan memberikan nilai kepada pelanggan

Untuk mendukung Anda dalam mengadopsi transformasi digital dalam operasional Anda, Kami menyediakan solusi bisnis inti yaitu ERP, serta solusi ekstensi ERP sebagai berikut :


ERP adalah solusi untuk mengintegrasikan dan mengotomatiskan proses bisnis dari hulu ke hilir

  • Product Data (BOM and Routing)
  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Sales Management
  • Procurement
  • Production
  • Distributor
  • Warehouse & Inventory Management
  • Financed Management

The ERP Solution supports you to 

  • Eliminate Manual and Repetitive Works.
  • Reduce Cost and Waste
  • Speed-up Business Processes
  • Improve Productivity
  • Improve Products & Services Quality
  • Improve Profitability and Growth

Kami menyediakan solusi ERP untuk perusahaan atau usaha kecil dan menengah di industri manufaktur atau distribusi


Mobile Applications can helps you to improve in many ways : 

  • Allows your employees to access and enter data directly into the ERP through their  own mobile device where ever they are
  • Reducing the need for data entry operators
  • Reducing the risk of error that can happen when the data is entered manually
  • Reducing process time because the data is entered directly to the ERP system without manual data entry
  • Enable you employees to respond to your customer's orders and inquiries faster

MIS supports you in developing and implementing Mobile Applications in many areas such as :

  • Mobile Sales to enhance and speed-up your Sales Management processes
  • Mobile WMS to enhance and speed-up your warehouse operations
  • Mobile Production Reporting to enable real-time monitoring of your production result and many other applications


  • IoT (Internet of Things)

IOT Technology enables you to continously and efficiently collects critical data from your machines / equipments / meters or the environments in your offices or factories using sensors, devices and internet connection.

MIS provides the end-to-end IOT solution that consist of :

    • Development and implementation of the IOT applications, dashboard and alerts
    • Provision, installation and set-up of the required devices and sensors
    • Provision, installation and set-up of the connection between the devices and the application server
    • Integration of the IOT application to ERP

IOT Technology is able to supports you in many areas such as

    • Machine Monitoring to continously monitor your machines conditions (ie. Temperature, Sound, Vibration etc) to minimize the downtime of the machine with predictive maintenance
    • Production Monitoring to continously monitor the production result of your machine to enable real-time to minimize the downtime of the machine with predictive maintenance
    • Production Monitoring to continously monitor the production result of your machine to enable real-time data access to production results and making informed decision to minimize production delays
    • Environment Monitoring to ensure compliance with environmental protection agency regulations
    • ETC


  • AP Payment Automation

AP Payment Automation helps you to automate AP Payment Processes

    • Enable Vendors to up-load their invoices & supporting documents via Vendor Portal (web based)
    • Automatically validate the invoices with the respective PO & GRN
    • Automatically check the completeness of the supporting documents
    • Manage Request for Payment (RFP) Approval Workflow
    • Manage Payment Instruction (PI) Approval Workflow
    • Automatically submit Payment Instruction to your Bank

The advantages and benefits of AP Payment Automation:

    • Minimize manual works (validate invoice, check documents, create RFP & PI, etc)
    • Speed-up processes
    • Improve employee productivity

MIS supports you to develop and implement the AP Payment Automation application